Volunteer Highlight: Ibrahim Ashfaq

Through hosting events, funding research, and developing national programs, CANFAR has been involved in pivotal social and scientific breakthroughs since the Foundation’s inception.

None of this would have been possible without the continuous and extensive help of CANFAR’s volunteers, nor would we be able to achieve the scale of what we do without these devoted supporters. In this volunteer highlight, we focus on Ibrahim Ashfaq.

Ibrahim Ashfaq
Ibrahim Ashfaq

Ibrahim has been a volunteer at CANFAR since November 2015. A recent graduate from the University of Toronto majoring in Public Policy and Economics, Ibrahim started volunteering for CANFAR for the purpose of learning more about non-profit work, something he has always been interested in as a career choice. Through volunteering in the CANFAR office, Ibrahim tackled several large projects, such as major filing and archival tasks, database entry, school invitation mail outs, event preparation, and processing research grant applications. Ibrahim’s contributions to the everyday work of the CANFAR team has been crucial and instrumental in making the organization more effective and efficient.

CANFAR is always looking for more Toronto office volunteers. If you’re interested, click here.