CANFAR is excited to unveil our first-ever virtual talk series connecting members within the CANFAR community, speaking to issues and initiatives involved with ending the HIV epidemic in Canada by the year 2025.

Each month, CANFAR will welcome a new guest, hosted by a familiar member of our CANFAR family. Through each CANFAR2025 Conversation, our guests will help deconstruct and apply the research, trends, and obstacles affecting the HIV/AIDS community across Canada.

Dr. Hasina Samji

We are happy to present our first guest, Dr. Hasina Samji, Researcher and CANFAR Grant Recipient. In light of CANFAR’s focus on Mental Health for our first CANFAR2025 Conversation, Dr. Samji’s research is making much-needed progress within the realm of HIV & Mental Health. Tune into our chat with Dr. Samji hosted by CANFAR CEO, Alex Filiatrault, as we learn how this critical research on mental health can inform decisions and practices when it comes to providing care and resources for Canada’s HIV community.

Tola Mbulaheni

For our second instalment of  CANFAR2025 Conversations, we are pleased to welcome Tola Mbulaheni, Researcher & PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto and CANFAR Grant Recipient. In honour of Black History Month, we’re shining a spotlight on the critical research examining Black women’s experiences when accessing HIV-related services. Hosted by CANFAR’s very own, Muluba Habanyama, this is a conversation you don’t want to miss!

Ashley Rose Murphy

For our third instalment of CANFAR2025 Conversations we were pleased to welcome CANFAR National Ambassador, Ashley Rose Murphy, hosted by CANFAR National Spokesperson, Valerie Pringle. As a thought-provoking closing to Women’s History Month, we shone a light on how HIV affects women in Canada to reminds us to continue these important conversations throughout the year. Women make up nearly 25% of the total Canadian population affected by HIV, with new infection rates highest in the age category of 25-34 years old. In our conversation with Ashley Rose, we hear about her experience being born and growing up with HIV & learn what we can do prevent stigma and stop the spread among younger generations.

Dr. Roula Hawa

For the month of April, CANFAR is recognizing world health and for our fourth CANFAR2025 Conversation, we are thrilled to welcome one of our CANFAR Research Grant recipients, Dr. Roula Hawa, hosted by CANFAR National Ambassador, Justin Anantawan. Dr. Hawa’s research provides excellent insight on how immigration and HIV can intersect within a Canadian landscape. Watch the conversation to find out why the lack of culturally-relevant HIV prevention resources creates a major gap in knowledge and how we can begin to address this issue through improving our cultural competence.