HIV testing is the only way to be sure of your HIV status. In Canada, most HIV tests are done with a family health care provider.

When should you get tested?

For HIV, there is a “window period” between the moment HIV transmission occurs and when it will show up on a blood test.

For most people, HIV can be detected as early as two to three weeks after transmission. For others, it can take up to three months after the initial transmission for tests to show a positive result. It is advised to re-take an HIV test after 3 months to confirm your results.

For more information on when you should get tested for HIV, speak to your doctor. ​

HIV testing can be done at:

Sexual Health Clinics

HIV tests can be done at a sexual health clinic.

Anonymous Testing Sites

In some cities there are anonymous testing sites such as within community-based organizations.

Community Based Testing Sites

In some communities there are additional testing sites within community health centres and other community-based organizations.

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