CANFAR Profiles: Katka Hoffman-Rogers

Kayla Hoffman-Rogers
Kayla Hoffman-Rogers president of CANFAR Dalhousie (March 2014).

My name is Kayla Hoffman-Rogers and I am the current president of CANFAR Dalhousie (March 2014).

This is my third year being part of the society and I am very happy to spend my last year of undergrad as president. I never expected to enjoy being president as much as I did. This past year has really helped me figure out what is important and where I want to take my degree after I graduate. I am so proud of the Dalhousie team, we hosted amazing events and raised a lot of money for HIV and AIDS research. I definitely got a lot out of this experience and would very highly recommend to anyone that they become a part of this amazing foundation.

Name: Kayla Hoffman-Rogers

Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Occupation/Volunteer Role/Education/Background: Currently a student, graduating May with a BSc major in Neuroscience, President of CANFAR Dalhousie. I am really interested in healthcare.

When did you get involved in the fight against HIV and AIDS?

Three years ago, I wish I could say earlier.  

Why do you support HIV and AIDS research?

I support HIV and AIDS research because it is such a big and important issue in our world today. HIV is relatively new, the first case appeared early 80’s, but the virus has managed to impact majority of the world in a negative way. This opportunity allows me to help raise money for an important cause as well as educate people.

What are you doing to help get us one step closer to an AIDS-free future?

Raising money for research is very important but so is educating people, especially young people. Many people don’t know how the virus is transmitted and simple ways to prevent the spread of infection. I definitely think education is a crucial step in seeing long term changes.

What are you hoping to achieve through your support of HIV and AIDS research?

I really hope that in this past year I have managed to educate and create interest with other students as well as the community. At the start of the year our society was 5 people large, now we are close to 25. I think that says something about the impact we have on campus. Mainly I just want to raise as much money and educate as many people as possible.

What are some misconceptions about HIV and AIDS research?

Many people believe there is a cure for HIV/AIDS when in fact there is not. Drugs that are now available can increase the life expectancy and value of the individual but will not completely cure them. As viruses adapt so must the drugs, so the fight for a better treatment is never ending.

How can others get involved?

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