Muluba Habanyama

As a young person living with HIV, I recognize firsthand how important CANFAR’s educational resources are for my peers. We are the future and we need to make informed decisions with the best knowledge and research available to us in a way that we can relate to and understand.”

Muluba is a resilient activist, journalist, aunty, sister, friend, person living with HIV, and more.

Muluba was born with HIV and was raised to keep her HIV a secret – a common decision by many people living with HIV. As a child and teen, this was both confusing and alienating. Her feeling of isolation was further heightened after losing both her parents to HIV-related complications.

Since 2014, Muluba has been open about her status and is a fierce activist in Canada, and internationally. She speaks on well-being, quality of life, and education.

Muluba has been a National Youth Ambassador for CANFAR since 2015, and together with their team, she has done presentations for various schools, conferences, and rallies. Muluba is passionate about CANFAR’s mission in ending the HIV epidemic in Canada through research and awareness, as progress in the areas of HIV research and medication has been a vital part of her life since 1995.

Muluba’s story includes themes of resilience, self-care, leadership, and empowering others in the face of adversity. In her role as a National Youth Ambassador for CANFAR, Muluba educates, engages, and empowers other youth across Canada through CANFAR’s National Youth Awareness Program.