Thank you to all our donors and patrons for your continued support through this past year. We are so grateful for the significant progress in HIV research made possible with your donations to CANFAR in 2020! This past year has shown us the true meaning of community and together we can say we have demonstrated resiliency and perseverance.

This year looked much different for us at CANFAR due to restrictions on physical gatherings put in place because of the pandemic. Despite not being able to be physically close, our community rallied to support all of our initiatives, and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Just a few months ago, the HIV community experienced a monumental win: the approval of HIV self-testing in Canada. We have set the goal of ending the HIV epidemic in Canada within 5 years and launched the #CANFAR2025 campaign in support of this. Every single dollar raised has helped us reach this point and will continue to support the important projects and programs throughout 2021, including the successful roll-out of self-testing to reach all Canadians. We are so excited to share with you what lies ahead for the new year and we hope you all will join us on this pivotal journey towards ending the HIV/AIDS epidemic once and for all!

Watch the highlights below of the past year you made possible