We are excited to officially launch, CANFAR’s new youth-driven platform aimed at preventing HIV and empowering youth to take ownership of their sexual health.

CANFAR is dedicated to ending Canada’s HIV epidemic and for more than 28 years, we have been leading Canada’s only national youth HIV awareness program. We know that the needs of young people are constantly changing; that’s why HIV prevention education must go beyond simply giving youth information about HIV transmission and prevention. HIV prevention efforts need to foster a broader culture of acceptance (around all sexualities and identities) to empower youth to feel more confident in their identity, sexuality and sexual decision-making capabilities.

That’s why CANFAR has invested in a creating an innovative, unique and accessible resource for youth using an empowerment-based approach to sexual health. Sexfluent encourages youth to decide which prevention methods are best for them by informing them of all the options that exist to keep them safer, and encourages youth to take control of their own sexual health by actively practicing self-advocacy.

Sexfluent’s sexual health and harm reduction content is free of judgement and shame so that youth can feel confident and comfortable in embarking on their own unique journeys of self-acceptance and exploring pleasure; all while doing it in a way that feels safer and natural/authentic to them. By creating a shame-free, sex-positive, and affirming informational resource, CANFAR is building a new pathway for youth across Canada to access valuable information and knowledge that may be difficult to access otherwise. 

Sexfluent’s unique approach to HIV and sexual health education, which addresses a range of topics such as modern sex, sexual health, mental health, and substance use, is informed by our findings from CANFAR’s 2019 National Youth Survey, grounding our work in community-based, youth-driven, and evidence-based approaches.

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Visit now and share this resource with your community. Join our movement to educate and empower young people to lead healthier and happier lives.

Sexfluent would not be possible without the generous support from CANFAR’s Program Sponsors: The Slaight Family Foundation, Canada Life, and M·A·C VIVA GLAM.

Special thanks to our National Youth Advisory Committee comprised of diverse youth across Canada, whose valuable insight assisted in the creative development of the Sexfluent brand and informed the trajectory of our digital content.

Additional thanks to our Content Review Committee, made up of a diverse community of experts, academics, practitioners, advocates, service providers, and peers.

Introducing the Sexfluent Squad!

We are thrilled to introduce our amazing team of creators working with us to spread the Sexfluent message to diverse audiences across Canada! From 2SLGBTQIA+ advocacy to education on consent, to peers living with HIV to Indigenous activism, our Sexfluent Squad members are sharing invaluable information on HIV and sexual health. Give them a follow to stay up to date on their newest content!

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