Recognizing Our Outstanding Volunteers

Pictured are three awards recognizing our volunteers
CANFAR recognizes the work of its volunteers.

Earlier this month, CANFAR recognized the work and commitment of our volunteers. On behalf of CANFAR, Chair Andrew Pringle takes pride in recognizing our outstanding volunteers with these distinguished awards.

The Red Ribbon Award

Recognizing a student, school or university that has demonstrated outstanding leadership and dedication to raising HIV and AIDS awareness in their community.

Red Ribbon Award recipient, Candis Lepage
Red Ribbon Award recipient, Candis Lepage

Candis is recognized for creating and driving Acadia University’s CANFAR Campus Club and growing it to over 50 members. She has worked to educate, inform, and engage young Canadians in the discussion of HIV and AIDS.

The Award for Innovation

Recognizing a corporation, organization, or individual that has developed a project that is imaginative and breaks new ground by developing an innovative approach to either fundraising or raising awareness of HIV and AIDS.

Award for Innovation recipients, Kevin Pendergraft and Jacqui Sas.
Award for Innovation recipients, Kevin Pendergraft and Jacqui Sas.

The Canadian HIV Trials Network (CTN)
With partners Jacqui Sas and Kevin Pendergraft, the CTN has worked in partnership with CANFAR over the past several years to develop and participate in programs that make a difference. These programs include the post-doctoral fellowship awards as well as representation at national and international conferences.

The President’s Nod Award

This award is CANFAR’s way of recognizing our outstanding volunteers whose contributions to the Foundation have been nothing short of exceptional.

Chantel has gone above and beyond in supporting the CANFAR office. She has assisted with both the planning and execution of many of CANFAR’s recent events and has always been available to assist staff in the office – she does everything with a smile!

For a number of years, Jonathan has worked to support CANFAR and its mission through his talents and network. He has raised funds for CANFAR through his custom jewelry creations as well as investing his time and energy in CANFAR special events and occasions. CANFAR has also been fortunate to have his involvement and leadership on CANFAR’s young Professional Council.

The President’s Award

Recognizes an individual or organization that has made an outstanding contribution to the operations of CANFAR through the provision of services or who has excelled beyond the normal responsibilities of the volunteers position and devoted an inordinate amount of time, effort and resources to CANFAR.

President's Award recipient, Alex Filiatrault.
President’s Award recipient, Alex Filiatrault.

Alex has facilitated the important and much appreciated support of his hotels, specifically, the Shangri-La by hosting events and meetings on behalf of the Foundation. He participates in committees and leverages his connections in support of CANFAR. He is a constant source of good ideas and is a leader in the community.