In the news: Dr. Sean Rourke featured in Macleans article about self-testing HIV kits

Dr. Sean Rourke, CANFAR Board Member and Scientist at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute at Unity Health Toronto, was featured in the Macleans article about self-testing HIV kits. Seventy seven countries have approved home self-testing kits but Canada is not yet one of them. There are approximately 9,090 individuals in Canada who do not know their HIV status; in other countries these kits have proven to be key in improving HIV diagnosis rates, improved health outcomes for those with HIV, and a decrease in the transmission of HIV.

If you want to reach those who are undiagnosed, you’ve got to bring the test to the people.”

Dr. Sean Rourke

Read the Macleans article to learn more about the critical importance of these kits in ending the HIV epidemic in Canada.