Normally our event update columns are written by Debbie Osske, our Director of Events and Stewardship, but I wanted to take this one on as it gives me a chance to praise the work that is being done by Debbie, our volunteers, and the rest of the CANFAR team in making great events like AIDSbeat possible.

AIDSbeat will now take place on Friday May 26, 2017 at the ‘1871’ Berkeley Church

Bloor Street Entertains will be celebrating its 20th anniversary on November 30, 2016 – and appropriately, it’s going to be our biggest and best gala ever. Several new venue partners have come on board, as well as a couple very recognizable chefs and florists. The momentum is building!

And AIDSbeat, our rock and roll battle of the bands, is taking place on Friday, April 28, 2017 at the Liberty Grand. The theme for this year’s AIDSbeat is a tribute to David Bowie and Prince, and should prove to be one that goes down in the history books. Our Events and Development teams have already assembled some remarkable auction, draw, and boutique items, and these will all be online in the weeks to follow.

If you are interested in tickets to either of these great events, please contact

Authored by Kyle Winters, Vice President and Chief Operations Officer