Five things you can do right now to make a difference in our fight against Covid-19

A sincere thank you to our long-time CANFAR family member, Dr. Darrell Tan, for joining our CANFAR Legacy 2.0 event this month. Dr. Tan is an infectious diseases physician and clinician-scientist leading multiple efforts to end the HIV epidemic in Canada.

Dr. Tan shares 5 actionable things Canadians can do at the grassroots level to make a difference in overcoming the Covid-19 pandemic. “We have been here before, we understand how there are huge similarities between the [HIV and Covid] epidemics and like so many other health conditions, they expose inequities in our society.”

  1. Get vaccinated 
  2. Help someone else get vaccinated
  3. Speak up and speak out 
  4. Stamp out stigma and shaming
  5. Remember vaccine roll out is a global effort

Watch the full video below!