World AIDS Day: The Cycle of Stigma

We spoke to Julie Thomas, Program Manager at Healing Our Nations, about the impact HIV stigma has on rising rates in communities from coast-to-coast. After nearly two decades at Healing Our Nations, Julie Thomas is intimately aware of the role HIV stigma plays in HIV prevention, testing and treatment. She sees it among the 33 […]

World AIDS Day: Harm Reduction Works We spoke with Shiny Mary Varghese, Executive Director of AIDS Programs South Saskatchewan, about the role of harm reduction in ending the HIV epidemic in Canada. Injection drug use accounts for almost 1 in 5 new HIV cases in Canada. AIDS Programs South Saskatchewan is responding to the ‘syndemic’ – the co-mingling of the […]

World AIDS Day: Barriers to Testing

We spoke with Alexandre Dumont Blais, Executive Director of RÉZO Santé in Montréal, about the need for better access to testing to help end the hiv epidemic in canada. In July to September this year, the team at RÉZO experienced incredible demand with their pop-up testing site, La Zone Rose, right in the heart of Montréal’s […]

World AIDS Day: Indigenous-led Response

We spoke to Jessy Dame, Director of the 2-Spirit Program at the Community Based Research Centre (CBRC) about how Indigenous communities are leading the response to their sexual health. Jessy Dame, R.N., wants allies to know that Indigenous people are taking back space and have the right to self-determine their own sexual health needs in […]

World AIDS Day: Access to Cultural Care

We spoke to notisha massaquoi, assistant professor at the university of toronto, department of health & society, and CANFAR board member, about the importance of cultural care for african, caribbean and black women. Notisha Massaquoi’s impact on HIV care best practices can be felt in projects like Women’s Health in Women’s Hands, The Black Health […]

Study: Evaluating CANFAR’s National Youth Awareness Platform,

CANFAR Study announcement banner

CANFAR partners with York University to conduct a national study evaluating its youth resource, SEXFLUENT CANFAR is proud to announce its partnership with York University on a Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) grant to conduct a national community-based research (CBR) study evaluating its digital youth resource, The study, entitled, “Let’s get Sexfluent! Exploring […]

Q&A with the HIV Legal Network

Text image banner reading 5 QUESTIONS WITH HIV LEGAL NETWORK

Q&A with the HIV Legal Network HIV criminalization stops people from getting tested. It stops people from disclosing their status. It perpetuates institutional stigma. We cannot end the HIV epidemic without decriminalization.  The HIV Legal Network promotes the human rights of people living with HIV or AIDS and other populations disproportionately affected by HIV, punitive laws […]

Drag Story Hour: Black History Month

Jade Elektra Black History Month

Famous Black people living with HIV throughout history CANFAR National Ambassador Jade Elektra reads from her HIV storybook about famous Black people living with HIV from history. Watch now, and scroll below to learn more! People from African, Caribbean and Black communities are disproportionately affected by HIV and AIDS, making up only 2.5% of […]

Introducing Our Healthbox, increasing equitable access to health care tools

Our Healthbox vending machine

One in ten Canadians living with HIV do not know their status. Twenty-one Canadians die of opioid toxicity daily. The health care systems we have in place leave too many Canadians outside the reach of care. This needs to change. Our Healthbox is a new smart, interactive vending machine that aims to be an integral […]