I’m Ready Research Program

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We are excited to announce the I’m Ready research program has officially launched! We are proud to support The REACH Nexus’ I’m Ready research program which is distributing 50,000 free HIV self-testing kits, asking survey questions through an app and offering peer navigator support to connect to care, all to improve HIV testing and care in […]

Welcome to Spring to Life!

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The past few months have been particularly difficult for many Canadians, we are encouraged with the current vaccination rates across Canada, this truly gives us hope. We cannot wait to see everyone again soon, until the time is right, we invite you to join us virtually in continuing our efforts to eradicate the HIV epidemic in Canada by 2025. HIV […]

Countdown to the 25th Anniversary of Bloor Street Entertains


We are delighted to announce table sales are officially open for the 25th Anniversary of Bloor Street Entertains! On November 25th, 2021, our CANFAR family will celebrate the tremendous efforts and impact we have made in our fight against HIV over the last 25 years, and we invite you to join us. CANFAR continues to closely monitor […]

CANFAR2025 Conversations: Dr. Roula Hawa

CANFAR2025 Conversations: Dr. Roula Hawa

We are thrilled to announce one of our CANFAR Research Grant recipients, Dr. Roula Hawa, will be joining us for our upcoming CANFAR2025 Conversation hosted by CANFAR National Ambassador, Justin Anantawan! Join us for this chat hosted on our Instagram Live (@canfar1987) on Thursday April 15th at 2:00pm ET. Our virtual talk series connects members […]

World Health Day 2021

World Health Day 2021

This year’s World Health Day theme hits the mark when it comes to ending the HIV epidemic within Canada: Building a fairer, healthier world for everyone. While this year’s theme recognizes health disparities brought on by COVID-19, this has been a long-fought battle within the HIV/AIDS community in Canada and beyond. In many ways, COVID-19 […]

CBC News Covers HIV crisis in Saskatchewan

CBC News Covers HIV crisis in Saskatchewan

Too often, the message we are seeing is this: HIV/AIDS has a taken a back seat to the unprecedented arrival of COVID-19. This article published by CBC News draws attention to the growing number of HIV cases in Saskatchewan (an increase of 30% between 2018 and 2019). In the midst of COVID-19, calls for help […]

CANFAR Members Co-Authored an Op-Ed featured on

CANFAR Members Co-Authored an Op-Ed featured on

In an op-ed recently published on Postmedia’s, Dr. Notisha Massaquoi (CANFAR Board Member), Tola Mbulaheni (CANFAR Research Grant Recipient) and Muluba Habanyama (CANFAR National Ambassador) share a thought-provoking and deeply impactful account of what it means to be a Canadian Black woman living with HIV during the time of COVID-19. Read the Full Article at “It comes as no surprise that interactions […]

CANFAR2025 Conversations: Ashley Rose Murphy

CANFAR2025 Conversations: Ashley Rose Murphy and Valerie Pringle

Join us for our next CANFAR2025 Conversation this upcoming Tuesday March 30th, 2021 at 11:00am ET on CANFAR’s Instagram Live (@canfar1987). Our virtual talk series connects members within the CANFAR community, speaking to issues and initiatives involved with ending the HIV epidemic in Canada by the year 2025. Through each #CANFAR2025 Conversation, our guests help deconstruct and apply […]

International Women’s Day 2021

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This International Women’s Day, CANFAR National Ambassador, Ashley Rose Murphy, shares what she wants everyone to know about how HIV affects maternal health. We’re tremendously proud of Ashley for sharing her story, spreading awareness and uplifting women! Ashley was born with HIV and has been living with HIV all her life. Through advancements in research […]

Love In Stigma Out 2021

Love In Stigma Out

This Valentine’s Day, CANFAR National Ambassadors are acknowledging love in the time of COVID-19. For many Canadians, our practice of love has monumentally changed. Connecting with family, friends, loved ones and our communities brings an irreplaceable feeling. This past year has brought challenges when it comes to expressing our love, but there is hope at […]