In Memory: Passengers of MH17
CANFAR joins the world in mourning the loss of the passengers of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17, including the world-renowned AIDS researchers and activists heading to the international AIDS Conference in Melbourne, Australia. While the loss of so many lives will always be tragic and needless, the loss of so many dedicated AIDS researchers and activists has hit our community particularly hard. We are all so grateful for the contribution they have made in the fight against HIV/AIDS and will continue our work of funding HIV and AIDS research in their memory.
CANFAR's 1000 Donor Project
Want to make a direct impact in the HIV & AIDS research community? A $25 donation to the 1000 Donor Project allows you to vote for a research grant that you would like to fund. Join us and be a part of the solution.
CANFAR has partnered with the Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR) and the International AIDS Society (IAS) to fund a five year, $10 million research initiative dedicated solely to funding HIV cure research.
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Our 25th anniversary annual report is available, complete with a look-back at the history of CANFAR.


CANFAR is the only organization in Canada with the sole purpose of independently funding AIDS research.

We are fortunate that Canada is home to some of the top HIV doctors and researchers in the world. With your support, you'll enable our heroes in white coats to continue their search for our AIDS-free future.

Awareness & Prevention

Prevention is absolutely critical to ending HIV and AIDS.

At CANFAR, we believe that if Canadians are empowered, they will act, and that action will ripple across the world. Our awareness and prevention programs aim to empower Canadians with the tools they need to make exponential progress in the global AIDS response.


Events are a fun and easy way to raise funds for lifesaving research.

CANFAR events, which range from small cocktail receptions to national galas, play a critically important role in raising funds for our programs and building HIV and AIDS awareness.

As my life was hanging by a thread, a CANFAR-funded researcher, Dr. Mark Wainberg, discovered an antiviral drug called 3TC, and within two weeks of taking this new drug, I was back on my feet. It was a miracle.

Maggie Atkinson, O.Ont., Lawyer and AIDS Activist


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