Become a young leader: Volunteer

CANFAR is built on the strength of its volunteers and their passion for the cause is the fuel that keeps the Foundation running. A pillar of our success, CANFAR’s young professional leader volunteers have played an important role in bringing awareness to, and raising funds within, their local communities.

They are an essential part of CANFAR’s outreach. CANFAR is committed to working with its young professional leaders to find new ways to engage with current volunteers, and to help develop strategies around building out new volunteer opportunities. It is the hope of CANFAR that we will build enthusiasm for young professional leaders to show their commitment through donating both their time and dollars.

There are currently several longtime committed young professional volunteers at CANFAR, one of these volunteers is Ellen Hardy. When asked about why she chooses to give to CANFAR, Ellen shared in her own words, “I stand behind CANFAR’s clear mission of funding HIV and AIDS research and raising HIV awareness. The discoveries that have been made, as result a CANFAR’s research investments, have made a big impact. I am also inspired by the way CANFAR is engaging with the younger generation. I believe that the younger generation is key to raising awareness about HIV. Working with the group of people I have met through 30 Under Thirty has been a great experience.”

Ellen is one of the 402 donors who contribute to CANFAR on a monthly basis. Her donation of $30 a month is a perfect tribute to the outstanding work CANFAR does. This is just one of several different ways that a young professional leader, who is looking to make a difference, can support CANFAR. If you would like to make a monthly donation visit our monthly donation page. If you are interested in learning more about CANFAR’s volunteer programs, please contact Debbie Osske.


Authored by Debbie Osske, CANFAR Director of Events, Stewardship, and Volunteer Relations.
Posted on Monday, December 18, 2017.