CANFAR and Bustle Clothing have come together for a limited edition collection of #SafeSox in support of ending HIV in Canada.

Launching on November 20th, as we lead up to World AIDS Day on December 1st, CANFAR is encouraging Canadians to purchase one of the 15 limited edition CANFAR + Bustle #SafeSox. Socks will available in single pairs, sets of three (3), or complete box-set of fifteen (15). Perfect for bespoke and stylish heroes of fashion with hearts of gold.

The Challenge

CANFAR and bustle clothing are inviting all Canadians to challenge a friend, family member or co-worker by sending them the gift of ’Safe Sox‘ (singles, multiples, or box-sets), and asking them to pay it forward by sending their own gift of socks. Each set of socks comes in a stylish Bustle + CANFAR gift box and is accompanied by a ’Safe Sox‘ challenge card.

To purchase the socks, please visit:

Net proceeds from every purchase of these super soft combed cotton ’Safe Sox‘ are donated to CANFAR.


The Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR) is dedicated to funding all aspects of HIV research – from prevention, increased testing, improved treatment for people living with HIV, stigma, to the search for a cure. Through funding innovative research, dynamic partnerships and national awareness programs; CANFAR remains a trailblazer in its mission to end HIV in Canada. Over its 30-year history, CANFAR has invested more than $21 million in HIV and AIDS research projects, and awarded more than 400 grants across Canada. Annually, CANFAR reaches thousands of Canadian youth through its national HIV youth awareness programs.

About Bustle Clothing

Bustle Clothing, founded in 2002 by Shawn Hewson and Ruth Promislow – both Bay street lawyers, is a leading Canadian sportswear label that has become well known for its cheeky twist on the menswear classics. With pieces ranging from swimsuits to Red-Carpet suits, Bustle offers a full range of menswear – all with a strong focus on fit, unique and luxurious fabrics, attention to details, and of course, signature cheekiness. Bustle is involved in a number of varied design collaborations, with partners ranging from the worlds of automotive to fine furniture and interiors. For more information about bustle clothing, please visit:

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