What's U=U?

You may hear some guys call themselves undetectable – it doesn’t mean they’re invisible! 😉

When a poz person takes HIV treatment medication, over time, the amount of HIV in their body can become so low that he can’t pass on HIV to another guy. This normally happens when a poz guy has been working with a doctor for a while to look after his health. These guys will refer to themselves as being undetectable, and having an undetectable viral load.

Being undetectable works as well as a condom, but it’s not something you can see. Poz guys find out from their doctors if they’re undetectable through blood testing. Even if one guy is poz and undetectable, it’s still the best idea to stick to your routine of safer sex practices to protect you from getting other STIs.

There is no cure for HIV, but lots of people living with HIV are doing well, and living full, healthy, sexual and emotional lives. 🙌

Treatment has come a long way! It’s really important that guys who test positive get connected to a doctor right away so they can talk about the care and medication that’s going to work for them. People who have HIV often learn a lot about taking care of their bodies. Poz guys have unique health needs and should keep a routine of visiting their doctor to look after their general health. Getting connected to other supports, like AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs), is also really great!

Sticking to medication is the best way to keep a viral load down and be undetectable. 💯

Adhering to taking medication every day can be challenging, but talk to your doctor about ways to manage and improve this. Guys getting the care they need for HIV is good for them, and also good for the guys they’re having sex with.

HIV treatment is first and foremost about taking care of your health, and it will extend your life span. The sooner you start on HIV medication, the better.