My Mental Health

Mental Health 💭

Mental health is a part of everybody’s well-being, and most people struggle with it at some point. ☂️

Depression, anxiety, stress, anger management, and addiction are common mental health issues. Dating, sex and our identity can also play a big role in our mental and emotional health.

Guys who like guys are more likely to come across these issues than other people. 👬

There are lots of reasons for this. Nasty attitudes towards gay people, negative feelings about our sexuality and identity, bad stuff at home or in our family, problems in our communities, and family members who don’t understand or accept who we are, are just some of the things that can add up to making us feel bad about ourselves.

Add that to issues like, being bullied, not fitting in, insecurities about our bodies, and gossip can make things a whole lot worse for us — whether it has to do with homophobia or not. Other struggles like not having enough to eat or a safe place to sleep, and experiencing depression, can make a tough life even tougher.

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone. There are lots of guys like you from every walk of life. 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

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Dealing with Hard Times 💔

Feeling lonely or depressed sucks, and there’s not always an easy answer for how to deal with it.

There are a lot of ways people deal with mental health issues, including talking to a therapist or a doctor, taking medication, exercising, and meditation. Talking to friends and family that you trust, or other guys like you, can also really help. If you’re not sure who to talk to, you can call Kid’s Help Phone, too.

Getting rejected by other people can also really suck. 😞

Finding out your crush doesn’t like you back, getting dumped, or feeling left out can be the worst.

And rejection doesn’t just happen in dating – it can also happen with friends, family, and school. Getting rejected can be really personal and feel like you’re not good enough because of your body, your personality, or your background.

Most of the time, rejection has nothing to do with you. So don’t be hard on yourself and give yourself time to heal. Often, people have to push others away because of something they’re feeling inside themselves, not because there’s something wrong with you. No matter who you are, you’ve got something to offer and you’ll have new opportunities down the road.

It takes time to get over the bad feelings that come with being rejected, but there are a few things that can help you heal.

  1. Work it out 💪 – Exercise like walking, running, dancing, or sports can be a great way to get rid of stress and take bad feelings out of your mind and body.
  2. Talk it out 🗣 – Many people have gone through rejection, even if the situation was different. Talking to someone you trust about your feelings can make you feel supported and help you remember that this is normal.
  3. Express it out 🖊 – Put what you’re feeling into words, music, art, poetry, or other forms of expression. When everything is spinning around inside your head, it’s hard to let it go away as quickly. Expressing the stuff you’re feeling and the questions you have can help make things stay still, or can help you look at it and think about it from a different angle.

Everyone experiences little rejections all the time — disagreements about plans, people who don’t text back, getting lower grades, that kind of thing. Getting used to those little rejections can make it easier to deal with bigger ones. Remember, getting rejected is only the result of being brave and taking risks. Sometimes those don’t work out, but other times, they lead to big wins!

📞 If you need someone to talk to, you can call Kid’s Help Phone.

💻 also has lots of useful info about feeling better.

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Using Substances 💉

Feeling down can sometimes cause us to make decisions that we know aren’t great for us — using drugs, hurting ourselves, or having sex even if it doesn’t feel good, for example.

Some people deal with their feelings by drinking and using drugs, but sometimes it doesn’t turn out to be as helpful as they thought it would.

It’s important if you’re planning on drinking alcohol or using drugs, that you learn how to use these safely.

If you’re mixing more than one substance, make sure you research to see if they might cause harm.

If you’re using substances even sometimes, check in with yourself about whether this will have a good or bad effect on your health and your overall happiness.

Remember, many drugs are illegal and can get you into trouble if you’re caught with them. ⚠️

Alcohol and cigarettes are legal, but have age restrictions on them. The drinking and smoking age depend on where you live. In Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec, the legal age for purchasing cigarettes or alcohol is 18. In every other province, it’s 19.

Here are some common types of drugs, their side effects, and how to use them safely:

  1. Cigarettes: You’ve probably encountered cigarettes before, and have heard that they are bad for your health, and can even cause cancer. But did you know that guys who like guys are more likely than others to take up smoking? Some guys find smoking helps relax their nerves. However, keep in mind that smoking is addictive and expensive, and it’s much easier to start smoking than to stop.
  1. Alcohol: Many people drink alcohol in moderation to relax, to celebrate or to socialize. It can take some experience to learn your body’s limits when drinking, so sometimes when people are first trying it, they can accidentally drink too much or find that drinking makes them do stupid stuff. If you are drinking, take your time and it will be easier to avoid feeling sick and getting into trouble.
  2. Cannabis: Also known as pot or weed, cannabis is normally smoked or eaten. The effects can last longer than expected and make your thoughts a bit fuzzy, so make sure you’ve taken care of any of your other responsibilities, like how to get home safely, before you smoke. Cannabis is now decriminalized in Canada, and the laws around it are still changing.
  1. MDMA: Also known as molly or M. In pill form, it can be called E or ecstasy. MDMA makes the user feel really happy and physically pleasant. However, it can also give you a really bad hangover, or be mixed with other drugs that don’t make you feel as good. MDMA is illegal across Canada.
  1. Crystal meth: Also known as Tina, crank, or speed, crystal methamphetamine is a drug a lot of guys who like guys encounter in their lives, and which some guys use during sex. It makes you feel extremely alert and sensitive. It is illegal everywhere, and highly addictive. Smoking or injecting crystal can result in staying awake for a really long time and can really damage your body. If you’re injecting or “slamming” crystal, make sure you use a clean needle every time.
  1. GHB: GHB is an illegal drug that some guys use during sex or during parties. It can enhance a party or sex experience. However, it is really easy to get the dose wrong and end up higher than you expected, so be careful about how much you use.
  1. Injection drugs: Some hard drugs like heroin and meth can be injected. These are both highly addictive and highly illegal. If you do inject drugs, it is extremely important that you use clean needles and learn to inject properly to avoid infections like HIV and hepatitis.
  1. Cocaine and crack: Cocaine, also known as coke or blow, is an “upper” drug. It is usually snorted as a powder form, or smoked as “crack” rocks. Cocaine is addictive, expensive, and illegal. If you are snorting it, make sure not to share straws, and to alternate nostrils. If you’re smoking crack, don’t share pipes.


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Living Your Best Life ✨​

We all need to take care of ourselves. 💞

This can mean doing things as simple as eating well or getting enough sleep at night. It can also mean doing things we find relaxing, like drinking tea or watching movies.

We have to make time to do these things to keep ourselves happy and healthy, even though sometimes it can be hard if you’re not feeling great.

That’s why many people make habits out of these or even make plans for taking care of their own basic needs.

Sometimes it feels like there is no way out of a bad situation. 😞

Guys who like guys are more likely than many other people to consider or commit suicide.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, talk to someone right away. 👥

There are supports out there for guys who feel trapped, alone, or sad, like LGBT Youthline.

We believe at BOOM that life does get better, and it’s worth working through it! 😘

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