Funding Cycle 29

***The application process for Cycle 29 Innovation Research Grants is now closed. Thank you to all who applied.***

The goal of CANFAR’s Cycle 29 Innovation Research Grant funding will be to end HIV and AIDS through key research in prevention, treatment and care, and cure studies. Below are the grant details and application packages. 


Innovation Research Seed Grants ($25,000)

The goal of the $25,000 award is to stimulate and fund HIV and AIDS related research that requires seed funding and is conducting novel research, and/or is being done by individuals starting out in the HIV research field. 

Two-Year Innovation Research Grants ($160,000)

The goal of the $160,000 Award, distributed over two years, is to stimulate and fund HIV and AIDS related research in areas that require funding for conducting a long-term project or sustaining ongoing efforts in a promising study.

HIV Prevention in Men who have Sex with Men Research Grants ($25,000)

The goal of the $25,000 awards dedicated to research around HIV prevention in MSM.

Those interested in applying for this should use the $25K application form. With this application you may also be eligible for funding from the Innovation Research Seed Grant pool if you qualify as a new researcher or your study is conducting novel research.


All application inquiries can be made to Cameron Dunkin, Senior Manager, Research, Awareness Programs and Office of the President,, 416-361-6281

CTN Postdoctoral Program 

We are also proud to support the CTN Postdoctoral Awards program. We encourage MDs who have completed their medical residency program, or those who have completed their PhD to apply. Full information can be found here.