Our Mission

The Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR) is the only national charitable foundation that raises awareness to generate funds for research into all aspects of HIV infection and AIDS. 

 Since inception in 1987, CANFAR has invested more than $18  million in research initiatives across Canada. CANFAR is funded solely through  the generosity of corporations, groups, and individuals across Canada.

Each year it is the responsibility of CANFAR’s Scientific  Advisory Committee (SAC) to evaluate which research proposals seem most promising and likely to make a worthwhile contribution to the international body of HIV and AIDS research. CANFAR is dedicated to funding all aspects of  research, including: fundamental and applied research; educational and  prevention; care; psychosocial initiatives; and, community research.

CANFAR-funded researchers have discovered:

  • A key component of the drug treatment that is keeping many people alive today
  • Findings that have nearly eliminated the risk of HIV transmission between a mother and her baby
  • An HIV vaccine candidate that can reduce, and sometimes prevent, HIV progression
  • Research that has progressed other areas including cardio-vascular diseases and cancer

A cure is within reach, but we’re not there – not yet. And we can’t stop now. With your continued support, we will create our AIDS-free future.


Help us end AIDS