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Dr. Lena Serghides discusses her ongoing research with CANFAR’s Cameron Dunkin.
Lauryn Kronick interviews Dr. Linda Chelico and her team at the University of Saskatchewan.
Q5 Interview with Dr. Sarah Flicker and her team.
CANFAR is committed to raising awareness and fighting stigma associated with HIV and AIDS
Muluba Habanyama gets acquainted with Board member and long time supporter Leeanne Weld Kostopoulos.
Muluba Habanyama interviews Jacquie Sas from the Canadian HIV Trials Network (CTN).
Muluba Habanyama interviews CANFAR researcher Dr. David Brennan
Muluba interviews CANFAR researcher Dr. Marie-Josée Brouillette.
Muluba interviews 30 Under Thirty co-chairs Matt Hyams and Melissa Kennedy.