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A large focus at the International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa was the fear of complacency in the fight against HIV and AIDS.
Muluba interviews 30 Under Thirty co-chairs Matt Hyams and Melissa Kennedy.
30 Under Thirty danced the night away '70s style at their disco themed fundraising party.
$1M donation from the Slaight Family Foundation enables CANFAR to expand its HIV youth awareness activities.
On May 9th four young men will begin a 6600 km journey by bike across Canada in support of CANFAR
The fight against AIDS is not over. Make a difference this Giving Tuesday by giving to AIDS Research.
Kayla Hoffman-Rogers is the current president of CANFAR Dalhousie. This is her third year being part of the society. Find out more about what Kayla and why she supports CANFAR.
Last Sunday December 1, was World AIDS Day an event observed around the world by millions. World AIDS Day began as an event that was created to bring awareness to a disease that to this day has significant stigma surrounding it. While the event began as a commemoration for those we love and have lost to AIDS, today I think we partially have something to celebrate. Being HIV positive is no longer the death sentence it once was and the advances we have made in the medicine associated with living with HIV and AIDS are enormous. That being said we are not all the way there and that’s why we work so hard at CANFAR to help fund research to help find a cure.
Our University of Alberta Campus Club just had their first bake sale last week, which alone raised almost $200, we must have some seriously great bakers out there! The University of Alberta Campus Club will also be hosting not one, but two events next month. The first will be held on December 2, 2013 and will be for World AIDS Day to help raise awareness on their campus. The second will be at the December 29th, 2013 Edmonton Oil Kings game!! The U of A CANFAR Club will be selling "chuck-a-pucks" with all the money going back to CANFAR. Make sure you support the University of Alberta students in their efforts to create an AIDS-free future, and also have a great time cheering on your team at the Oil Kings game!
Big shout-out and thank-you to our CANFAR team at Dalhousie University. This past Tuesday they held a very successful Charity Concert with lots of local talent and great brews from the Garrison Brewing Company! The event raised over $800 which goes directly towards HIV&AIDS research, and the team is looking to repeat it as well as their annual Red Party next semester!